Services for artists

Brian Murray can serve other musical artists with a variety of services, including arranging, composing, providing a horn section, and playing for recording sessions.

Some of his many clients include: 

Deacon John

Allen Toussaint

Marva Wright

The Dixie Cups

Mark Broussard

Aaron Neville

Liz McComb

Wardell Quezergue

The O'Jays

Jennifer Hudson

B.B. King

Mark Broussard with Brian Murray.png


Brian Murray has arranged music for Deacon John, Allen Toussaint, Marva Wright, The Dixie Cups, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, Jennifer Hudson and many other artists.

Franklin Ave B C Orchestra  performing some of my arrangements.jpg

Recording sessions

For a great way to juice up creativity or to get a blend of the Big Easy, try sessions with Brian Murray's unique smooth jazz style. 

Dave Hansen Band in the 700 Block of Bourbon.jpg